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Zeekoi e-Learning Management System.

What is ZELMS?

ZELMS is a platform that has a student panel, admin panel, and online learning management system. Lessons, quizzes, assignments, live classes, discussions, and other educational resources are created and updated by instructors and made available to students as paid or free courses. Students can monitor their progress while taking part in course assignments, quizzes, discussions, and downloading their certificate once the course is over.

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Decorated course details page.

Course details page with all the relevant details gathered in one location thanks to the built-in elegant layout.

Simple wishlist & easy checkout.

Students can Browse available courses and quickly add them to wishlist with just one click. Utilize an easy checkout process to confirm order from the basket.

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Exceptional Support System.

Let your instructors and students use our simple help tickets to handle any problems, and use the ‘view ticket’ option to keep track of their progress

ZELMS will be the ideal solution for all of your eLearning needs, whether you're a university professor, professional trainer, personal coach, or institution/school.


Learning view with progress bar.

Each student purchased a course list with a progress bar to track their academic development.


Choose from the array of ravishingly designed certificate templates and
easily edit them to make them even more attractive to your taste.


Mobile learning.

ZELMS is adaptable to every screen size, including those on laptops, desktop computers, cellphones, and tablets.

Do you want to Build a Dynamic Environment for Effective Schooling? Automate everyday operations with complete Enterprise System.

Student Information System.
Attendance Mangement.
HR and Payroll.
Assignment & Time table.
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Quiz with Leaderboard.

Create awesome quizzes for your courses and show the winners on the built-in leaderboard.


Powerful Instructor panel.

The number of students registered, the number of courses they are teaching, their salaries, and their ranks are all available to instructors.

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Instructor Ranking.

Rank your instructors based on the total number of students enrolled in their courses along with the earnings they made.


Advanced Analytics.

Measure the performance and effectiveness of your courses through our advanced data-driven insights.


Have a quick look at our powerful Admin Dashboard from where you can perform simply any task you want.

Powerfull Dashboard.
Home Settings.
Support Ticket.
Manage Course.
Course Reference.
Manage Blog.
Manage Students.
User Management.
Become an Instructor.
Payment Options.
Contact Us.

Possesses superpowers that enable you to implement your eLearning ideas with a cunning strategy.

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