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Automatic Updates . Better and Faster scalability . Implementation time is zero . Easy customisation . Modern user interface . No initial investment . Very low subscription fee . Lifetime support from us at Zeekoi. Powerful like flagship . Very ease and assisted data migration . Professional experience to your customers and vendors . 360 degree data capturing and processing into meaningful analytical reports . Accuracy, Productivity and efficiency . Minimize inventory cost with informed decisions . Scale your business . Avoid manual dependence . Increase sales through systematic lead management modules . Connect to the cloud and access from anywhere . Systematic control over business processes, approvals, transactions . Information storage, backup, and retrieval are reliable, safer, and faster . Better employee and payroll management

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Successful Business

Informed decisions lead to business success

Good Decisions

Good reports will help in informed decisions

Analytical Reports

Data is consolidated and presented in good report form

Data and Software

Good quality input data combined with a superior ERP

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ERPs are not meant only for large business. Every large business of today was once small! To manage a business in current size and to scale it to future growth, an ERP is a very essential tool.

Don't be afraid of the high cost and complexity of an ERP. ZONAR is a simple to use but effective ERP with a team of professionals to train and handhold you through the entire lifetime.



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 Supercharge your sales

 Improve your operational efficiency

 Energize your support teams

 Empower effective communication

 Bring accountability to your   accounting system

 Manage your employees with care

 Run all your inventory operations   seamlessly

 Manufacturing Efficiently


Power Up Your Business Operations to the Next Level.


Understand Existing process and workflow


Improve specific process and Eliminate others


Automate and Streamline Business Functions


Bring Transparency to the Information Flow

Pricing Plan

Try Zonar for free with a
14 day trial.

users Plan

₹ 500 / month

*Billed Annually | *Price varies with country & package.


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Tailor-Made for Your Business

Zonar ERP Offers a Perfect Fit with Customization Options.

We understand that every business has unique needs and requirements. That’s why our SaaS ERP solution comes packed with a wide range of features and functionalities that cater to the needs of different industries and business sizes. Our software is designed to be flexible, customizable, and scalable, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific needs.

However, we also understand that there may be situations where our out-of-the-box solution may not fully meet a business’s needs. In such cases, we are more than happy to offer customization services to help businesses get the most out of our software. Our team of experienced developers and consultants will work closely with you to understand your requirements and develop a customized solution that fits your business like a glove.

Why choose Zonar ERP?

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Enhances Operations

All your departments can now operate with absolute transparency and efficiency. ZONAR allows you full control over all operations.

Better UI Experience

ZONAR has a UI that is easier to use than social media. This makes sure that your team is not tired or bored after interacting for hours with the ERP.

Optimizes Processes

All divisions of your company is governed by certain processes. ZONAR helps you connect and optimize those processes easily.

Data Well

Once you start using ZONAR , then you will have immense clarity over your business from the vast amount of data that is being populated as processes flow.



We Customize Zonar or Develop software that helps to run any business software you need.

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The term "enterprise resource planning" (ERP) refers to a class of software that businesses use to oversee daily operation including accounting, purchasing, project management, risk management, and compliance.ERP softwares are crucial to businesses because they assist in the implementation of resource planning by combining all business operations into a single system.

Businesses employ enterprise resource planning (ERP) for a variety of reasons, including expansion, enhanced company insight, cost reductions, enhanced operations. Lower management, improved collaboration, and lower operational costs

Redundancies are eliminated
Accuracy is increased
Productivity is increased through the integration Automation of business operations.
Now that their processes are integrated, departments may coordinate their efforts to provide quicker results.
ERPs make it easy for companies to swiftly access the data they need about customers, suppliers, and business partners. This increases accuracy rates, reaction times, and customer and employee satisfaction.

More than 100 years have passed since the beginning of ERP. The economic order quantity (EOQ) model, a paper-based manufacturing system for production scheduling, was created in 1913 by engineer Ford Whitman Harris. When Black and Decker, a manufacturer of tools, was the first business to use a material requirements planning (MRP) system that coupled EOQ principles with a mainframe computer in 1964, it altered the game.
Different production processes were merged into a single system for the first time. Additionally, MRP II offered a compelling vision of how businesses could use software to exchange and integrate organisational data, improve operational efficiency, and decrease waste and inventory.

Despite the fact that the phrases are occasionally used interchangeably, the latest SaaS ERP is a subset of cloud ERP. When used as a multi-tenant system, cloud software products are referred to as software-as-a-service. SaaS ERP is handled by the software supplier, like other SaaS solutions. It mostly employs the multi-tenant paradigm, which calls for clients of a provider to share a single instance of software and the same infrastructure. SaaS ERP is a subscription service, as its name implies, and users are billed either monthly or annually by service providers. The latest ERP results in lower technology costs. A firm doesn't require a huge IT crew to maintain and secure the programme or a data center to host it, which saves money in addition to not having to buy hardware to run a private version of the system. While some SaaS ERP companies have tiered pricing based on company size and the number of resources needed, many charge per user.

Key company processes including accounting, inventory management, order processing, and customer data management have out-of-the-box capabilities.
As the firm expands, there is no need to deploy servers or make new infrastructure investments.
Automatic upgrades by the vendor annually that keep all customers up to date with the newest features .
A user-friendly and more contemporary interface.
A security and performance framework that guarantees privacy while ensuring a positive user experience.

No, all ERPs are not manufacturing ERPs. Manufacturing is a module available in the ERP which can be selected for a specific industry involved in manufacturing. For other industries, various other modules in an ERP can be used. The various modules include:
Supply Chain Management
Order Management
Marketing Automation
Workforce Management
Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Service Resource Management
Human Resources Management

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