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In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Team Buildings can be used to include employees and promote the company’s ideals.

Do you want a professionally hosted virtual quiz event platform?

We'll take care of it for you.
We're expert in delivering Large scale Quiz event.

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Team Trivia Mode.

Break employees into teams to promote teamwork and collaboration. Improve team dynamics wherever they are

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Host an engaging event that everyone remembers! Maintain audience focus and energy, and deliver key points with audience participation features.

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Raise the energy levels.

Enliven and engage your players by displaying a leaderboard that displays the quiz ranking and results. It not only improves the ambiance of the quiz, but it’s also a great method to get more people to participate and give rewards to the winner or winners.

Colleagues are entertained, challenged, and educated by quiz featuring material from your organisation.

Create competition with live leaderboards.

No matter where they are located, businesses utilise our platform to build interactive quizzes that energise staff to learn and stay in the flow of work.

The workplace is changing
more quickly than ever.

How then can you involve your workforce in the modern workplace?
zquiz at work fills that need.

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