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Why Should You Become a Zeekoi Affiliate?

Both Zeekoi Affiliate and Client Get rewards.

Who’s a Good Fit?

For businesses interested in promoting Zeekoi and getting paid for it, the Zeekoi Affiliate Program is ideal for Entrepreneurs industry organisations, trade groups, instructors, website owners, industry influencers, Zeekoi consumers, and any other businesses. Just by referring Zeekoi, you can get rewarded to increase sales. The amount of commission you can make each year is unlimited, and there is no minimum volume of sales needed.

Anyone Can Become An Affiliate Partner

A very Quick & Easy Onboarding Process

Progressive Commission Plan for Affiliate

We Care for greatly Our Affiliate Family

Program Benefits.

Join for no cost. Earn commissions for qualified recommendations.

There is no cap on the commission you can make.

There is no minimum sales threshold.

Dedicated team to help you succeed.

See how your commission adds up.


Closed Client/month

Refferal Com.

Refree Com.

Phase 1

upto 5



Phase 2

upto 20



Phase 3

upto 30



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