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Manage inventory seamlessly to boost business sales with superior inventory management software.

Inventory Solutions.

Boost your sales and Efficiently complete orders with advanced inventory control.


Create sales strategies, manage re-order point, and keep your customers satisfied with Zonar Inventory, a complete inventory control system.

Identify each item in your inventory with a code and track its movement from the point of purchase to sale.

Track different batches of items and monitor their expiry dates so that, you sell them when it is fresh.

The powerful reports let you analyze your overall stock volume. This way you can lower the cost involved in overstocking.

The software lets you keep your operations organized. You can reduce the manpower cost and lower the chances of errors.

You can organize the positioning of your stock. This can let you reduce irrelevant movement, saving both time and money.

When a transaction occurs, your inventory quantities are automatically updated across all of your selling channels.

Keep track of important information about your inventory, such as prices, costs, availability, selling and not-for-sale products, intermediate products, and SKUs. Make variations of an item depending on unique features, and maintain them in a tidy manner.

Bundle a group of items together to sell as a single unit. Zonar Inventory updates individual items and components as products are put together and sold.

In the event that your product shrinks, modify your supply levels. Record every adjustment in its entirety.

Watch as the fields are automatically filled in each time you make an invoice, sales order, or purchase order by scanning the barcodes of the items.

The organized system leaves no chance of wrong product delivery. This way you can grow the bottom line of your business.

The insightful dashboard lets you analyze the fast-moving SKUs. It also allows you to invest in the right set of stock.

On the basis of the fast-moving inventory, you can make better decisions in determining the price of the products.

You can get a better understanding of the products with zero orders in the last month through a data-driven dashboard.

The accurate dashboards and reports let you avoid any sort of errors. You can also save on the cost of unusual wastage.

Warehouse Management made easy.

(WMS) is a software programme that provides a company with visibility over all of its inventory and controls supply chain fulfilment activities from the distribution centre to the retail shelf.

You may manage many warehouses with Zonar Inventory, shift merchandise between them, and create reports to learn more about warehouse management.

Choose the warehouse which is closest to the customer's location while you create a Sales order. This way you can deliver faster, save a lot of time and also cut down the transportation cost.

Get the complete report of your warehouse stock so that you can scrutinize if there’s anything missing.

Establish organized inward and outward warehouse operations to save on the unnecessary cost of the labor force.

Automate the routine business processes and reduce the chance of manual errors while enhancing efficiency with better control over operations

The vigorous quality control processes let you scrutinize and track the condition of your inventory all while minimizing the potential returns and cost associated with it.

Identify and remove old inventories from your warehouse quickly so that you can utilize the warehouse space in an optimum manner.

Enable cautious and quick handling of inventory across multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers to save on product distribution costs.

With warehouse operations being highly flexible to the competitive business environment you can manage a large number of orders.

Systemize your order management.

Plan and track every process efficiently From a single order management system, manage sales and buy orders, make packages, and give delivery updates.

Monitor the movement of packages post-shipment and keep your customers updated with the location. Use this tactic to create more satisfied customers with this order management application

Set up and integrate your payment account to start receiving online payments right away. Switch to an easy, secure and convenient mode of accepting payment from your customers.

Identify your most profitable item, monitor purchase and sales order trend, to make informed decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.

An effective order fulfilment method

Zonar Inventory can be used to set up an order fulfilment system for your company. You can streamline your work process, complete orders more quickly, and win over customers.

Get a brief rundown of all of your sales orders in one list. Check how many orders have been shipped, packaged, invoiced, or pending.

Once you've confirmed each order, convert it into a packing slip / duplicate / truplicate etc with just one click. The details are imported automatically, and you can save the slip, print it, or send it to the customer via email.

For shipping a package, send tracking updates,total quantity,total boxes of each product with one click. Gain your customers' trust by keeping them informed.

Inventory reports for smart decisions

Utilize straightforward yet precise inventory reporting tools to examine various data to examine the sales trend, the best-performing item, and even more.

Obtain instantaneous, quick visibility into your company. Learn more about outstanding work, significant alerts, and the general state of your company

Utilize the sales records to identify your top-selling products. Obtain information regarding your top clients and many more

Receive alerts when items need to be restocked because of low stock. Be aware of the arrival date of merchandise and information on unpaid bills.

The stock is valued using the FIFO approach by Zonar Inventory. Whether an item is arriving in or leaving your inventory, every single one is tracked.

With a single click, export your reports to CSV, XLS, or PDF files.

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The practise of controlling, storing, and keeping track of your inventory items is known as inventory management. Since it controls all the processes from the time an item enters your shop until it is shipped, inventory management is a crucial part of supply chain management.

Understanding inventory levels and where it is located in warehouses is the aim of inventory management. The movement of goods from the supplier through the manufacturing process and to the customer is tracked by inventory management software. Inventory management in the warehouse keeps track of stock receiving, picking, packaging, and shipment.

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Barcode Inventory Management.
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