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Our USPs


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Preliminary/Assessment Rounds

Leaderboard Customization

Quiz Master

Our USPs

Scalable Audience

Buzzer Round

White Labeling

Large Monitor Support


Organizer of
modern-day quizzes.

 With up to 100,000 people  organize,  host, and play.

 Playing completely unGoogleable.

 Real time scoring and leaderboards.

 Simple, user-friendly platform.

 Built-in Live video streaming.

 No downloading of apps & Event   scheduling.



HR crafted for building a better workplace.

Quiz Builder

Question Types


Live Streaming



Intuitive Quiz Builder

Advanced quiz creator with numerous settings The quiz’s settings determine WHAT, WHEN, FOR WHOM, and HOW it will work

Different Question Types

Make questions with multiple choices, open-ended answers, True/False, picture-based responses, polls.

Automatic Scoring

Saves heaps of time swapping and marking answer sheets, as all scores are updated in real time after every question.

Integrated Live Streaming

You may stream live video to your audience at any moment.


The competitive aspect of quizzing is brought out through in-game leaderboards that are updated in real time as you answer questions

Playing UnGoogleable Games

Quizzing based on speed entails that the quicker you respond, the more points you receive. Literally no one has ever cheated and won.

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The live quiz function of zquiz can help you find knowledge gaps and improve participation and attention.

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zquiz is a web-based Audience Engagement Cloud Platform for hosting interactive quizzes at in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

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