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Project Management & Essentials.


Enterprises and organisations utilise the project management and critical module online software to plan, track, coordinate, schedule, and manage projects and tasks. It is a way to successfully manage your projects from planning to execution. It aids in task organisation while managing a variety of variables, including time, money, resources, clients, stakeholders, and more.

Build the perfect workflow for every project. With lovely views that make project planning simple, follow your project from beginning to end.

Power team cooperation and advance work with roadmaps and workflows.

Automate tasks
right people
Task Management

Automate tasks
to save time.

Save time on routine tasks. Whether you have a simple process or a complex workflow, our online project management software has a drag-and-drop interface that makes new automations easier to visualize and deploy.



Assign users to tasks, establish working hours, and keep track of them as they are completed. Assign a priority, include a reminder, and, if necessary, enable recurring. Complicated activities can be further divided into smaller ones, and timesheets or timers can be used to track how much time is spent on each activity.


Log every minute with timesheets.

Use the Projects timesheet module to track and Keep a record of every minute you put in at work, and Zonar Invoice can create invoices from them.


Loop in the
right people.

The majority of jobs involve members of numerous teams, so it’s critical to distribute notifications in a timely manner as they change statuses. Determine who is in charge of each task at a particular stage and who has the authority to use a transition.



Projects can be managed both simply and intricately by being divided into milestones, tasklists, tasks, and subtasks. Utilize Kanban boards to efficiently manage progress and visualise project plans.


Align your team with
any feature imaginable.

01. Checklist

02. Custom Status

03. Set attachment

04. To do

05. Reminders

06. Document & Note

07. Priorities

08. Add attachment

09. Automate Busy works

10. Memos

11. Task activities

12. Tags


Bring remote Teams Closer

Sprints enable distributed teams to communicate, cooperate, and work together from any location and on any device. Important events are announced to team members via our social feed.

Increased transparency and Productivity

Continuous improvement is a hallmark of successful agile teams. The status timeline helps your team identify bottlenecks and discover ways to generate the most value while eliminating as many unproductive activities as possible.

Stay ahead of schedule

Get a bird's-eye view of your progress and track your release schedules.

Visualize & plan

Break down big projects with subtasks.

Simplify complex projects by breaking them down into levels of subtasks. Visualize your tasks and subtasks in multiple views and easily rearrange or edit.


Move team ideas to action, faster.

Collaborate and build total alignment on your project by adding comments to any task or document. Assign comments with action items, chat in real-time, share attachments, and never miss a beat with notifications that bring everything in one place.


Get faster feedback and Approvals.

Proof and annotate all of your design files directly within Zonar. Share attachments with others and assign comments to your team for quick iterations.


Setting goals, making plans, and executing them out.

Build unique bespoke ERP.

Construct ERP that works the way you need.

We Customize ZONAR or Develop software that helps to run any business software you need.

Our Happy Clients.

We are proud to show off the clients we have worked with. They stand as a testament to our quality of work.

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The planning and coordination of a company's resources to advance the completion of a certain work, event, or duty is known as project management. Regardless of the industry, the project manager often has a similar role: defining the project's goals and objectives and assigning deadlines and authors to the various project components.

Knowing what has to be done when, who on the team is working on what, and more is important for managers. Planning is essential to the success of your team's project. Doing it manually, with spreadsheets, and via email is undoubtedly inefficient and presents a number of difficulties.

The fact that the project management system makes successful project team cooperation really simple is a big benefit.

Regardless of the methodology used, project planning and scheduling are crucial aspects of project management. These project management tools make it simple to access the team's prior work that is pertinent to the current project.

It can be challenging for managers to appropriately assign duties to team members, which may have an impact on the effectiveness of the entire group. Managers can quickly assign project responsibilities to team members using a project management programme.

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