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Enterprises and organisations utilise the project management and critical module online software to plan, track, coordinate, schedule, and manage projects and tasks. It is a way to successfully manage your projects from planning to execution. It aids in task organisation while managing a variety of variables, including time, money, resources, clients, stakeholders, and more.

Are you tired of managing your projects with spreadsheets, emails, and other disjointed tools?

Our comprehensive software solution streamlines project management and improves team collaboration. Features include Automation, Task Management, Milestones, Financials, Analytics, Reports, Collaboration, Purchase Lists, Time Logs, Documents, and Notes. Customizable and easy to use, our software helps you manage projects efficiently, stay on budget, and track progress.

Unlock Your Zonar ERP Potential 

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Why Choose Separate Project Management Software When
You Can Get Everything in One Comprehensive ERP System?

Juggling between multiple software systems to manage different aspects of your business? Look no further than our comprehensive ERP system that offers all the modules you need to streamline your operations, including project management.By choosing our ERP system, you get all the benefits of a dedicated project management software, along with the added advantages of integrated modules to streamline your operations, including finance, HRM, sales and procurement, manufacturing, task management, CRM, and many more.that make your business more efficient and error-free. With all modules integrated into one system, you can improve communication and collaboration across different departments and functions within your organization.Our ERP system is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn and deploy. You don’t need to be an expert in complex software systems to use our ERP system effectively.

ERP Demystified

Unravel the Full Suite of Modules and Features of Our Powerful Enterprise Solution.

Introducing Zeetrack

An ERP that is up-to-date.

Revolutionize your project mangement with our Zeetrack ERP, providing real-time tasks for employee and activities of employee.

Transform your project management approach where efficiency meets effectiveness !

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Task Management

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Documents & Note

The Ultimate Guide.

Simplify Your Project Management with Our Easy-to-Use Software


Anybody Can Learn

At our organization, we believe that anyone can learn and excel in human resources management (HRM). We provide comprehensive training that covers a wide range of HR topics and is designed to meet the needs of individuals with varying levels of experience and knowledge.

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Our support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or address any issues you may have. You can reach out to us via phone, email, or our online ticketing system, and we’ll respond promptly to ensure that your concerns are resolved quickly.

In addition to our standard support options, we also offer premium support packages that provide even greater levels of support, including dedicated trainers, personalized training sessions, and priority support for urgent issues.

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A user support team answers questions about software usage and provides instructions to solve usage issues and minor problems via mail.

A technical support team deals with issues that cannot be resolved by L1 specialists: configuration issues, account administration, services restart, etc.

A team of engineers tackles complex issues on the code or database levels and provides hotfixes.

Build the perfect workflow for every project. With lovely views that make project planning simple, follow your project from beginning to end.

Bring remote Teams Closer

Sprints enable distributed teams to communicate, cooperate, and work together from any location and on any device. Important events are announced to team members via our social feed.

Increased transparency and Productivity

Continuous improvement is a hallmark of successful agile teams. The status timeline helps your team identify bottlenecks and discover ways to generate the most value while eliminating as many unproductive activities as possible.

Stay ahead of schedule

Get a bird's-eye view of your progress and track your release schedules.


Break down big projects with subtasks.

Simplify complex projects by breaking them down into levels of subtasks. Visualize your tasks and subtasks in multiple views and easily rearrange or edit.


Move team ideas to action, faster.

Collaborate and build total alignment on your project by adding comments to any task or document. Assign comments with action items, chat in real-time, share attachments, and never miss a beat with notifications that bring everything in one place.


Get faster feedback and Approvals.

Proof and annotate all of your design files directly within Zonar. Share attachments with others and assign comments to your team for quick iterations.

Setting goals, making plans, and executing them out.

Build unique bespoke ERP.

Construct ERP that works the way you need.

We Customize ZONAR or Develop software that helps to run any business software you need.


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Project management software is a tool designed to help manage and organize projects. It provides a centralized platform for planning, scheduling, assigning tasks, tracking progress, and collaborating with team members.

Some of the key benefits of using project management software include improved collaboration, increased efficiency, better organization, streamlined communication, and enhanced productivity.

Knowing what has to be done when, who on the team is working on what, and more is important for managers. Planning is essential to the success of your team's project. Doing it manually, with spreadsheets, and via email is undoubtedly inefficient and presents a number of difficulties.

Project management software can be used by businesses of all sizes and in all industries. It is particularly useful for project-based businesses, such as construction, software development, marketing, and consulting.

Project management software typically includes features such as task management, scheduling, resource allocation, and collaboration tools. Users can create project plans, assign tasks to team members, track progress, and communicate with stakeholders, all from a centralized platform.

Yes, many project management software options are customizable to meet the unique needs of different businesses and projects. Customization options may include branding, project templates, workflow automation, and more.

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